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The head’s that part of the body, that’s always in sight. When people communicate with you, they look at your head, so you can’t have dirty hair. (exception-you’re Darth Vader). But too frequent or rare washing — harm to health, or society, or yourself. We’ll tell you how often should you wash your hair. It’s truth awaiting you.

The optimal frequency of washing the head for each type of hair is different.

Of course, the main factor’s your feelings. Hardly you’ll walk with a dirty head, if somewhere you read that you can’t wash your head. However, too frequent washing’s good only for shopkeepers selling shampoos. You don’t win from this. Therefore, let’s consider how often it’s necessary to wash the head of owners of different types of hair:

How often should I wash my hair if it’s type is dry

If you have a thin hair, prone to cross-sections of tips, brittleness and over-drying, then rest assured that you have this type. Its main advantage — you don’t need to wash your hair frequently — usually it’s once a week, if there are no special external factors. For example, work at a coal plant. Due to this you have a lot of free time, you even sometimes google «what to do when there’s nothing to do»

But the disadvantage’s that it’s easy to damage the hair, they easily fall out due to inaccurate handling. Therefore, you need to follow some simple rules:

1. Wash your head rarely, so You don’ overdry the hair. Once a week’s optimal. Remember that our ancestors shower even rarely. And King Louis 14 in washed 2 times in his life.

2. It’s better to wash your hair type with hot water — under its influence, the glands begin to actively release the skin fat. And this means less dryness, brittleness and more shine.

3. Choose humidifying means for washing and care of hair with various oils.

4. It’s better to discard any ideas to paint or dry with a hairdryer.

How often should you wash your head if your type of hair is greasy

The fatheads of this world don’t know either dryness or split ends. But by the end of the day an excellent fat broth poured from their head. They have to wash their hair every day, it happens up to 2 times. Manufacturers of shampoos are immensely grateful to them. But you should do something about the grease of your hair, and accustom the scalp to secrete less fat.

When we wash our heads every day, we wash off the protective layer of the scalp, and provoke the glands to secrete more and more fat. To stop this closed circle is possible, following simple advice:

1. Start gradually to wash your head less often, not every 24 hours, but first every 36, and then every 48. Over time, for 4-6 weeks, the skin’ll get used to and understand that there;s no need to produce that much grease. Thus, you need to seek to wash your hair about 3 times a week.

2. Wash your head with a little cool water — it narrows the pores and promotes less grease release.

3. Use folk remedies for oily hair based on herbs, for example, calendula, tartar. You can also slightly dry the scalp with herbal remedies, in which there’s alcohol. Apply them beforehand to the shower, and then rinse together with the shampoo.

How many times a week should You wash mixed type of hair

They have two features: greasy roots, with split ends. But they have an amazing length, and between the two began it’s all great and beautiful! To make them so everywhere, you need to observe the following rules:

Try to wash your hair once per two days, and soaping only the roots. If you wash every day, you’ll provoke the sebaceous glands to secrete more and more fat.Don’t wash your head with hot water!Shampoo should be selected in the same way as for oily hair — soft, medicinal, with herbs.The tips need additional moisturizing — nutrients and moisturizing balms’ll help. Don’t apply on the roots!If the tips are already seperated, it’s time to get a haircut. Remove the split ends, and watch the new ones, so that the same doesn’t happen to them.

How often should You wash Your hair if it’s normal type.

If you don’t have too much oily scalp, and not too dry, and hair blinds the drivers with their shine, then you have the most desirable type — normal. Usually 2-3 times a week is enough for You. Chamomile shampoos are great for You.

Use general recommendations, and you’ll shine!

General recommendations about washing Your hair

⊕ don’t experiment with shampoos and other drugs which not for your hair type. Perhaps nothing bad’ll happen, but good too. Why not to use what’s made for you?

⊕ During washing, lean more on the roots of the hair, and the scalp. The main dirt and grease are there.

⊕ The head loves massage. Circular, massaging movements during washing will improve the flow of blood to the skin and hair bulbs, which means more nutrients, healthy hair, a great mood!

⊕ To completely wash the shampoo off your hair, it takes twice as long as you spent on washing. Balsams can’t be washed off to the very end, so that they feed better.

⊕ Use additional care products that suit you — balms, conditioners, masks. Conditioners’ll make the hair obedient, balms nourish them, the masks’ll fix the effect. Just don’t use it all at the same time.

⊕ It’s better not to use a hair dryer — none of the types of hair appreciate that.

Knowing how many times a week you should wash your head, you can take care of your hair better. They’ll answer you with even greater beauty.

Be beautiful, pure and charming!

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