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Perhaps, this is the most pressing problem for all boys (and their girls) from young to old. Even my friends and acquaintances worry to the extent of how to last longer in bed. Especially if the lady is very disposed to the contrary. The decision can be a change of partner for less attractive for you. But you can go too far. Therefore, we offer you the TOP-7 methods of how not to come too fast!

Fast ejaculation can put an end to your whole intimate life. Even if the partner is loyal to you and says that everything is fine, you somehow understand that this can`t last any longer, and you need to last for longer. Stay with us, and you’ll learn how to last longer in bed.

Reasons for quickness:

Inexperience in a sexual craft.The syndrome of a hasty rabbit. You are very hurried absolutely in everything, both before the sexual act, and during it. Also after.You have not done this for a long time (never).Fatigue (I want to get it over with, there’s no more strength to endure it)Excess tension. (According to the theory of tantric sex, a strong strain in a man contributes to the rapid onset of orgasm)Congenital hyperexcitability of the centers of the brain responsible for ejaculation (but this is unlikely)

These are the main causes of premature ejaculation. It’s time to lay out the cards on the table and tell you the main thing.

How to last longer in bed

1. Hand shaking with your best friend.

An hour or a half before the sexual act. Take yourself in hand, and bring yourself to the eruption the way you usually do it. It won`t be a problem to erect again soon with the girl. And the safety margin will be much higher.

2. Before the battle of the sexes you can drink 100 grams of a strong spirit.

Or even 200. As you know, binge drinking is a great tool to make you last longer in bed. Hot drinks depress the brain centers responsible for achieving orgasm, so you savor longer and you are savored longer.

3. Physical stress.

With each squat, push-up, a kilometer of jogging or cycling, more and more testosterone will be injected into your blood. At the same time, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then do not expect to achieve outstanding achievements in bed. Go in for sports, and your heart will work like a clock, and the vessels will be ready to deliver blood to the destination. This will give you an incredibly strong rod (both internal and external), and coveted endurance.

4. Distractions.

When the process has already begun and become irreversible, it is time to tap into the «distracting maneuvers» for your brain. They are divided into two types:

4.1 Physical Impact

You can pinch yourself  to switch your brain from pleasure to pain and suffering. Make sure you don`t love such painful things, or it will harm our ultimate goal. Also make sure your partner won`t spot your tricks. It help you to hold on longer, and remove excess foam until it splashes over the edge.

4.2. Thoughts, self-control.

In order to last longer in bed, switch over mentally to something abstract. The further from the case, the better it is. Do not look at the «anvil», however interesting it may be. It`s better for you to do this:

    Solve the arithmetic in your mind.Think about the current problems.Remember an unpleasant event in life.Or a nasty person (if you had unpleasant people in your life, bless your fate for everyone! Now you can take advantage of them for yourself.)

5. Postures.

In certain poses, you finish faster than in others. Examine yourself! Analyze what kind of poses it is. Usually, when the girl is on top, most guys can last longer. In doggy-style, or missionary position most of the guys last lesser. Experiment with this.

6. Condoms.

Sex without a condom is not only risky, but also quick. Better get one for your rod. If there is time to put on the second condom, then do it, but usually you can go with a single one.

7. Relaxation.

If you have variable success in this matter — sometimes long, sometimes not, then I recommend working on controlling Kegel muscles. Their constant tension and frequent uncontrolled reduction contribute to a quick ending of a sexual act. Learn to relax this muscles for greater endurance. Reduce the muscle tention for endurance. Or increase tention to get more blood pressure and quick onset of orgasm when you are already well done in this sexual act.

Beautiful young couple relaxing in bed at home

We hope that we helped you get closer to solving the problem of premature ejaculation, giving you tips on how long to stop. You should pay some attention to this, and you will force your partner to beat in ecstasy, and your self-esteem will rise from the ashes. Your «I don’t want to cum fast» will turn into «I can do it for a long time.»


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