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Hello, my dear reader. You’ve been spinning on a chair for ten hours and spitting on the ceiling. Before that, you passed a Windows`s pinball, and learned to lick your own nose, bite your elbows. It would seem that there are no more cures for boredom, but believe me, it’s not. In this article, we’ll offer several ideas on what to do when there’s nothing to do.

Play the games.

This is excellent, if not the best way to pass an hour or two, and if carried away, then a year or two. We have a collection of flash games, the most ruthless by your time. And modern videogames. Start to play and wake up after a month passed. Be careful!

If you are tired to play modern games with heaped graphics, plunge into the 90’s: games on the sega, dandy and other prefixes of childhood’ll carry you away for a long time! You can download at www.emu-land.net

Look for new music.

Diluting your playlist with new tracks, you’ll not only spend time with advantage, but also be inspired by the songs found for other active feats. Where to look? Audio recordings of friends on facebook, thematic public of your favorite genres of music, lastfm.com, different music services like Apple store.

Watch a movie or a show.

This’s also a great way to spend time and feel the emotional rise. It happens like you saw a good film, and start driving a course, looking for a girl on the Internet, or start doing sport.

Rummage in the closet.

The most fascinating thing’s to rummage through the rubble of old things. Who knows what secrets are kept by the family pantry. Maybe the grandfather’s weapons was lying around there from the war, that’s gonna be fun! :)

Take a walk on Wikipedia.

The rules of the game are simple: go to Wikipedia (the largest encyclopedia of the Internet), open any interesting article. As you know, they abound in references to related articles. Travelling to these links, you’ll make your day. After one hour you’ll be reading about the polarization of the waves. It’s fun and informative!

Go to the concert.

If you have nothing to do in the evening, a great option’s to go to the concert. Theres  a great local band rocking your town this evening, that’s for sure, and tickets are pretty affordable.

Go in  for sports.

When there is nothing to do, make some sports, train your body, invite physical activity into your life. You’ll be much more attractive to the opposite sex, and there`ll be much more interesting activities ;) More about this in the article «how to get a girlfriend«.

Plunge into the choice of a new thing.

Need a new toaster? Become an expert in this field, study all the differences between the flagships in the toaster market. Hang out at the toaster forum, talk to the owners of different models. As a result, we make the most profitable purchase, we find new friends, and maybe even work in the toast industry.

Read something.

A news, for example. There’s not only fattened politicians. Read what’s really interesting to you — about science, gadgets, games, favorite stars, etc .. There are many news portals, if you do not already have your favorite, at the same time and choose.

Or read our other articles, there are many interesting things! For example, how to properly wipe the ass, what to do if you stood up for a girl, or what to say, so as not to drink.

Don’t do anything.

What to do when there’s  nothing to do? Of course, nothing! This is an excellent reason to simply lie down and do nothing at all. The organism will quickly get tired of such a discharged activity, and you’ll soon surely understand what to do.


If you have no one to communicate with, we offer you to try dating on the Internet! This will help our articles: Getting to know the Internet: How to fill out a questionnaire and What to write to a girl on the Internet.

Learn to type blindly.

If you are bored at home at the computer, or there is nothing to do at work, learning to do blind typing on the keyboard will be a great thing to do. Type a text with all your fingers, watching how your thoughts materialize on the monitor, barely having time to be born!

Here are just a small part of the classes that can brighten up your time. In addition, whether you are bored at home, or bored at work, you can benefit from the article Masturbation: benefit or harm?

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