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The unicorn is a creature from the mythologies of almost any of the peoples of the world, found in both European and Eastern mythology. It symbolizes only the most beautiful and virgin that can be in the world. It looks like a white horse, but with a straight, pointed, necessarily even horn in the middle of the forehead. In the Middle Ages, the pharmacy was crowned with the image of a unicorn, since it was believed that its horn could cure almost all diseases. Then artists often received orders for drawings of unicorns. Now with the advent of fantasy universes, the interest in these mysterious animals is huge again, and we suggest that you learn how to paint them. We have many beautiful pictures of unicorns for sketching: about 100 images found on the expanses of Russian and Worldwide internet. You will find at us as absolutely easy pictures, and difficult drawings for the advanced artists.

How to Draw a Unicorn

If you already know how to draw a horse, then you can easily cope with the task. And if not, it would be nice to learn, because the unicorn is 99% horse. To make it live, you need to study the anatomy of the animal, its various positions, poses. We will show a few samples that will help to draw a horse, and further to the unicorn — a stone’s throw.

Draw a horse in motion. As you can see, everything comes down to circles of different sizes, and ovals. First the skeleton, then the details.

Spectacular pose «horse on the hills, which is very suitable for a long-nosed unicorn

An easy way to draw a horse in its usual posture

A horse about to take the first step

A horse in front with a slightly turned head sideways is a classic of the genre for both horse drawing and unicorn. Remember the main rule — to draw objects not as they are, but what they look like from this point of view.

Little ponies are also depicted as unicorns, and by learning how to draw this little horse, you easily modify it to a unicorn.

A large collection of unicorn images for sketching. You are waiting for about 100 images for artists of different levels of training.

Send us your drawing of the unicorn, copied from any picture in this article. The most beautiful we will post with a link to your profile in social networks, if you wish. You can send the drawing through the feedback form  with the theme «drawing of the unicorn».

Step-by-step guide «how to draw a unicorn,» like what was for a horse, but now with a horn, as expected.

Simple for sketching, but a beautiful unicorn silhouette

A beautiful and quick sketch of a unicorn in motion, which you can paint. Just try!

A snow-white unicorn with a golden horn and hooves in a pose before the attack, a well-detailed drawing

The same unicorn, but in another pose

The idea for drawing a dark unicorn from the author on DeviantArt.

Cute unicorn, drawn in pencil, with extra detailing of legs, mane and tail

A unicorn with a slightly curved horn and closed eyes, an idea for drawing a tattoo. The inscription is I`m alive (I’m alive)

Another beautiful picture of the unicorn for sketching, if you’re pointing at tattoo artists, or just have the skill and the urge for quality drawings.

The picture of a unicorn leaving a magical castle and looking sadly in his direction. Perhaps a bit like a giraffe because of the long neck

A voluminous picture of a unicorn with a simple pencil for drawing.

A beautiful picture of a unicorn on the hills against the backdrop of the moon, an excellent picture for sketching

Image of a mixture of unicorn and pegasus — Tulpar. Due to the wings, you can add extra epic and expressiveness to your drawing

Unicorn accelerates for attack

Abstract pattern reminiscent of a unicorn

The tattoo of a unicorn girl, such a tattoo can mean that the girl is pure and unblemished, if you associate with her with the unicorn in mythology. And it could mean something completely different, including nothing.

The unicorn girl jumps fun somewhere, she has a wreath of flowers and leaves on her. Maybe it’s not a girl, but a boy with oddities.

Another image of Tulpar is a unicorn with wings

A large, muscular unicorn with a bandage around his neck and pierced in his ear

The drawing with a pen is quite simple in sketching, if you observe all the proportions

A unicorn walking on two legs. Most likely, a mixture of minotaur and unicorn.

GIF-animation unicorn, which with each blinking of the animal changes color. Can serve as a picture for drawing or an idea for drawing from scratch

A colorful picture of the unicorn’s head, which clearly shows where the horn grows from. There are watermarks on it, but they will not prevent you from copying it? :)

A quick sketch of a unicorn, executed in a peculiar style

Schematic depiction of the unicorn, however, with excellent proportions. Repeat them, detail the image with shadows, entourage, background, and get a stunning picture.

Unicorn in cartoon style with a suspicious look

A simple, small unicorn, or an animal that pretends to be

A beautiful, slender unicorn, a picture for painting. Side view

Unicorn-chibik with bulging eyes. The image shows how to add volume to the legs and face. And the pupils themselves are red

Unicorns in the style of My Little Pony for sketching and further coloring. If you want to cheat, then simply set the maximum brightness on the monitor and bring a sheet of paper to the screen. Then circle the silhouette of the unicorn. Voila — you have a picture with perfect proportions, then it’s a little thing!

Another pose of Unicorn horses from May Little Pony.

Green New Year’s unicorn all from the same series of ponies

A small unicorn with an uncharacteristic beard and tail, curled back like a dog

Chibikov is easier to draw than unicorns for realism. After all, you do not need to work out anatomy, shadows, and proportions may be what you want. Beginning artists should start with them

Another simple unicorn-chibik for a sketch

Therefore, we will begin a selection of unicorns — chibiks for sketching by beginning artists. A nice unicorn with a pink mane, tail and hoofs, surely like girls.

The image is in a similar style, but this time it is colored.

Tulpar-chibik. Who would have thought three thousand years ago that this mythical creature would be portrayed in such an inoffensive manner.

The pot-bellied unicorn stands on two legs, like a man.

A step-by-step guide, how to draw such a unicorn-chibika.

A kayine unicorn in an anime style with crescents. Surely this is some kind of super-heroic animal from some anime.

A pretty little unicorn with ears like a hare and a long tail, fluffy on the tip. It is not necessary to draw a unicorn on all canons, try to mix your favorite animals with this, and get a unique drawing, and not just copied from someone else’s.

Another unicorn for a girl’s sketching. A beautiful white animal with pink details.

Beautiful tulpar, as if descended from some kind of coat of arms.

The original style of drawing a unicorn, in particular — shadows with the help of strips. Try experimenting with such an image of shadows, the main thing is to correctly identify places for glare, where you do not need to draw strips and leave a white box.

His unique vision of the unicorn’s author is like a refined, elegant and slightly flirtatious creature, yet incredibly dangerous.

Head of a unicorn with a mane for a sketch

A pencil drawing from Tanya London in 2013. Surely this artist is now drawing amazing pictures, but we have something to learn and in her picture of those times.

Unicorn with rainbow mane and other details. The unicorn and the rainbow were always somewhere nearby.

Curly unicorn st strange left ear

A beautiful silhouette of a unicorn with small outlines in the most important places. Please note that due to the good knowledge of anatomy, the artist can revitalize the drawing with a minimum amount of strokes of the desired intensity.

Small unicorn picture of increased hairiness in attack

A stylish hairy unicorn in the style of the eighties, with flared panties of wool and a long mane with a bang effect.

Unicorn with a goat curved horn on the watering hole. An animal on the body in the water, and this is an excellent technique to diversify your drawing, and spend less time studying it.

Picture of a unicorn with well-muscled muscles, legs, head … Whole.

Something a distressed unicorn sits on a cloud, a simple drawing.

The finished picture is in color. A girl is stroking a unicorn. With the cinematic precision of the worked animal and girl, it takes a lot of work to accurately reproduce this image, but you can always make a quick sketch of a similar image.

A wise-minded unicorn slowly jumps somewhere

A large, handsome, slender unicorn with a saber-like horn and a menacing look is clearly preparing for an attack. Very well developed anatomy of the animal, there is something to learn.

Schematic image of the unicorn on the hills. A great sketch in which you can breathe life.

Figure of the head of a unicorn with a long mane

Colorful image of a unicorn with a rainbow mane, filled with careless strokes with percussions

The blue-eyed unicorn blew his cheeks

In order to draw an animal into realism, it is necessary to imagine what the skeleton looks like. So here it is, the skeleton of a unicorn for a sketch.

The original image of a unicorn in a style similar to Disney. The horn is more like a branch than a threatening weapon, which makes the animal look harmless.

A beautiful and uncomplicated picture with a unicorn for sketching

Beautiful, well-designed drawing of the unicorn in pencil

A vivid image of the unicorn, more precisely its front end. Practically finished painting on the wall. You can draw a silhouette and paint it to your liking

Elegant Unicorn Girl

Schematic drawing of the unicorn, a sketch, which shows how the author began

Unicorns are different :) You can draw this for a start

Figure for a tattoo with a picture of a unicorn and the inscription «one of a kind», which means «one of a kind.»

Large, powerful Tulpar with epically curly hair

Finished unicorn images in color, processed photos

This collection will give you an idea of ​​how the finished images of unicorns should look, in what world they should be placed, what objects they should surround. You will see including images similar to real photographs, as well as pictures of true masters of fine art.

Unicorn on the lawn in the forest, picture for the sketch

A beautiful image of a brown unicorn with green mane. Unusual colors for this mythical animal, but combined very well.

A girl riding a unicorn rides a small river in the forest under the light of the evening sun against the background of migratory birds : they can also be copied. Under the link — a large selection of images.

Unicorn in a magical forest, a live picture for a sketch

A unicorn doll with a long mane in the forest looks like real!

Mysterious, lone unicorn in the ancient, high mystical forest

Fragment of the fresco depicting a virgin with a unicorn. Picture of 1602.

An elaborate drawing of a unicorn in a world full of life.

In this drawing, for a sketch, the unicorn breaks the darkness with its magic horn that carries light

Unicorn emanating a magical light in a colorful, dreamlike world

The unicorn and the light are practically synonyms, therefore adding it more in your drawing, you will not lose. And of course, the forest, which traditionally depict this animal.

Also suitable places for watering the animal, holy sources

Any boundaries of the mystical and natural, as in this image: any natural stream and mysterious planet reflecting light on the unicorn

The unicorn mystically hovers above the mirror-like surface of the water in the gloomy forest

Unicorn and night view of the sky

Beautiful garden with unicorns. Drawing for a sketch, if you have already mastered the image of one unicorn, and for you it is already too simple. There are three of them here, and besides them there is something to work on. There is everything: trees, grass, steps, castle. Very beautiful and uneasy drawing. But if you act step by step, everything will turn out!

Unicorn is a symbol of light and purity in a background full of pollution and gloominess

Image of a unicorn for sketching with flashes of light

Beautiful picture with a unicorn in the river against the background of a large waterfall

The unicorn jumps on a fairy-tale lawn, leaving sparks of light behind

GIF with a unicorn, which glows a horn, mane and tail, finishes our fairy-tale selection.

The fact that you will learn to draw a unicorn well is not a fairy tale, but an achievable goal. Devote your time to this, and you will sooner or later succeed. Good luck!

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