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Lovely cats are one of the most beloved animals. They give us their affection, grace, cheer up. Of course, cats deserve to be painted in all their manifestations, both sad and playful, funny, sleeping or hunting. We offer to you many cute pictures of cats for sketching, including anime, kawaii, cats for realism, chebee, cartoon cats, dancing ones. The world famous Grumpy Cat is also here, as well as other cats from memes, which you can easily draw. Collection of 110 pictures, among which you’ll find both simple for beginners, and complex pictures for experienced artists. We collected them from all over the worldwide web.

All pictures are clickable! By clicking on the picture You’ll open it in full size, and you’ll easily draw the cat you like.

How to draw a cat

Even to make cats, you need to know the basic principles of depicting these animals, and preferably their anatomy. Below are a few pictures that will help you start drawing beautiful cats. 

A step-by-step guide on how to draw a nurse cat in an anime style.

A useful instruction on how to draw cats correctly from an anatomical point of view, given their skeleton. The translation sounds like this (from top to bottom):

    Shoulders sit in front and above than the thorax. The main part of the thorax under an acute place in the front of the spine, which supports the muscles of the shoulders, head and back. There are several floating edges after this place, but we can ignore them for most drawings. After this point the spine moves freely — here you often get a sharp bend of the back, for example, in a sitting cat. Look at this place to give a little texture to your spine posture. Even in cartoon pictures, this is a good place to show a small contrast and find a foothold. 

A step-by-step instruction on how to draw a cartoon cat, but with a great deal of realism.

Different poses of a cartoon cat. In order to draw this animal well, one must well represent all the poses that are ordinary for him.

A diagram of the cat’s drawings in various poses, which will make it clear how to sketch the skeleton of your painted cat on the canvas.

A little sketchy drawings of the cat from the artist. It should be noted that the cat consists of three connected ovals, to which the tail and ears are attached. It’s simple!

A step-by-step guide on how to draw an angry cat called Grumpy Cat.

Enough of theory, it’s time to move on to practice and start scratching!


Lovely cats: pictures for sketches

A nice, fine cat with big eyes and ears in different directions. The mustachioed creature is preparing to attack

Simple for sketching, kawaii cat. Drawing a good silhouette, you can color the cat, as you wish.

Silhouette of a cat on realism, but also quite simple for a sketch. If you are interested in even simpler images for sketching, then look at this selection.

A slender cartoon cat with a pink nose and ears, a tail pipe. Clearly waits, that it will feed, stroke or draw.

Six poses of a small cats for a sketch.

Very nice, kawaii cat. Not at all difficult for sketching, if you are attentive to details.

Kawaii, plump and happy cat

Perhaps it’s not the most realistic cat. Surely the artist painted a bear five minutes ago. But in general, too, a good drawing for a sketch! And not hard.

Little kitten

Cats can be painted and minimalism, as the author of drawings of cats comes like this. Just silhouette, tail, ears, eyes, mustache. Add a few shadows, surrounding objects, and the masterpiece is ready!

Minimalistic cats eat pasta with love.

Three more simple skits for a cat from the same series.

Figure with a kitten, asleep in a shoe. This is the best that cats can do in boots, after walking 🙂

A funny cat is sitting on the back and something very much surprised

Lovely kitty with pink bows and almost human blue eyes

If you are not yet very good at drawing paws, you can draw them in such an abstract way that the viewer himself has thought of them. Good drawing of a cat for a sketch

A sad cat-barsik, drawn in pencil. Color, posture, emotions of the cat, everything is transferred well, there is something to work on.

Picture of the muzzle of a cat close-up. It turned out like a real one!

9 different poses, very well drawn from the point of view of the skeleton and anatomy

Cat with a ball, locked in a watermark picture. Can you release it by painting on your canvas?

Kitty in a similar style of painting with a crown on her head, princess!

The same style of drawing, but another cat pose.

Variation of a minimalistic cute kitty: nothing superfluous and difficult for a sketch. Only the body, ears and purely symbolic paws, tail, mustache, eyes. And you can cover your mouth with a cookie, which you already know how to draw.

If you are not very good at outlining the silhouette of a cat, but you should draw it now, then draw such a cat: only straight lines in combination with arcs of ideal circles. You can draw a compass and paint in Paint!

Easy to sketch the cat is washing and winks

Another kawaii cat, simple for sketching.

Outline of a merry cat, 4 different poses and different emotions

Another 4 images of the cat, but another, more fluffy

A beautiful, masterly drawing of the cat’s muzzle. The game of shadows, eyes, wool, everything is depicted very qualitatively. But, perhaps, the artists will find what to find fault with 🙂

Almost Perfectly Painted Cat’s Eye

Cat looks sideways, offering you another pose for sketching

Cat in a typical pose for himself — lying, but interested in something, leaned on two front paws.

5 sketches of different cats with well-developed anatomy

And this is just a nice cat without a claim to anatomy. But fluffy and with blue eyes.

A red cat with well-received highlights, and generally well-drawn.

A cat, Simon’s cat, is a simple cat. But from this he does not lose his kawaii.

Many poses of Simon, in this picture a huge number of options for sketching

Simon’s cat wants to eat and meow. A drawing with a small amount of shadows.

Simon’s cat in a typical situation for him — clinging to something clawed and pleased

Figure Simon’s cat, which you could see on the cars. Usually next to the picture it is written what brand of gasoline is poured into the tank. Now you can draw your own version of this legendary picture!

A fat cat with small paws and yellow eyes stared at the mosquito

Kitty striped with green eyes and a blue bow

Spotted cat in the cartoon drawing style, quality drawing.

Beautiful drawing of a kitten playing with a thread from a coil

Kitten with a ball in his eyes

There is only one way to cheer this sad kitten — to draw it with a smile on the face, freeing from the watermarks!

A nice cat, although the ears are more like a mouse. Fix it in your sketch! In general, the cat is pretty and funny.

The kitten plays with something and is very keen. Beautiful picture for sketching!

9 variants of a little kitten. All images are magnified by clicking on them, including this one.

Red-haired kitten, young tiger with barely appeared mustache

Quick drawing of a cat at a window. However, very good transmitting mood of the animal.

We don’t know if this picture was drawn, or it’s a processed photo, but it looks very realistic. You can safely sketch this cat.

Another very realistic drawing of a cat

To understand the whole essence of cats, you need to observe the living creatures. When painting for an advanced artist, a big challenge is to draw a cat from the real photo. Therefore, below is a small selection of real photos of beautiful cats for sketching.

Kitty, front view. Neutral expression of muzzle. Excellent cat pose for drawing practice

The cat walks along the roof, a side view. Using a little imagination, you can make a cat in the picture of a Japanese samurai sneaking up on the roof

Lovely kitty in a pose, ready to attack with a paw.

Fluffy cat lies on the floor, front view. Good photo for the practice of drawing a cat’s muzzle

Another furry muzzle of the cat close-up

Cat relaxes on a tree

The stunned expression of the cat’s muzzle, which gave rise to a million memes and funny pictures. Create your own!

Lovely yawning cat. If you master the cat’s yawn, you’ll collect even more likes under your drawings!

Funny picture of the cat, like begging for something edible

An epic, thoughtful expression of the cat’s muzzle. Perfect for the cover of a music album

Cat is getting ready for the attack, and you already, for sure, are preparing to copy it, because this is an excellent photograph and an excellent pose, mandatory in the arsenal of any artist-lover of cats.

Dancing cat — a great idea for drawing, try to repeat this pose in the picture

Another amazing cat, looking a little crazy. But his pose is worthy of your drawing

Pussy, frozen in a sweet pose

Kitty stands on two legs, almost like a man, and as if stroking something. What exactly? Narment and draw!

A famous photo of a dance cat from many memes. Make your meme, pre-sketched the cat.

Spotted, slender cat, very nice style of drawing. If you like it too, draw soon

Another famous cat is Cheshire. Very often his head appears without the rest of the body.

A dark, nighttime picture with a Cheshire cat on a tree branch

An unusual, slightly demonic image of the Cheshire Cat performed by an unknown author

Cheshire cat eats at the table, having rested his head on his paws with his traditional smile from ear to ear

Head of the Cheshire Cat in a free flight and in a hat

Cheshire kitten on a tree

Shadow cat-Assassin, a dark villain, call it what you want. In any case, an unusual cat vision, definitely worthy of a drawing

One of the most famous cats is Garfield. The master of the sofa and the relaxed lifestyle in his best position

Remember: in order to lead a similar way of life, you need to be a cat. For a human, this does not work.

Cat Garfield was always characterized by some egoism, like many cats.

The costs of the passive lifestyle of the Garfield cat are overweight. We have to blame the scales for lying. But for us this is not a problem: the more Garfield, the more interesting to copy.

All the same character, obviously guilty and lost in a smile. It is easy to draw such teeth, but the cat itself is more complicated, but you can manage a little practice.

A cat from the famous anime «Sailor Moon» for sketching

Stylish hard-working cat with glasses with a bag with a purely schematic shadow. Draw better in your drawing!

Beautiful drawing of a kitten stretching towards the viewer with its paws

It looks like drawing on paints, but maybe it’s not them. Masters of drawing will say for sure. In general, a very plausible figure

An interesting idea for the drawing of a cat with a tail of various plants and flowers

Severe cat in the jungle

Lovely chubby red cat

A cute anime cat, requiring attention to his important person sitting at the computer

Cat-harsh gamer in the headphones behind the joystick

The idea for drawing a cat-angel with a shadow of the devil

Funny anime picture of a striped cat with a white front

Kitty with the same expression of the muzzle is quite seriously going to step, which gives us a cool pose for sketching

KAWAII cat in a desperate, full of joy attempt to reach the fluffy feather

Fluffy white cat, almost like a cloud, reflected in a green pond

Black cat in the rain

White cat, half view

The epic cat is like in the light of a star, close to it approximated

Nya cat-cheebee in an unusual style of drawing

Selection of 4 cat’s asses with raised tails

Kitten-hipster in a fashionable sweater with a collar

Cat’s muzzle without drawing the rest of the body, master drawing

You in fact have found at us lovely cat to youself for sketching? >^ __ ^< Come to us again! ©

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