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September 27th, 2017. There was a football match between the English team «Manchester United» and Russian «CSKA». It was a match of the Champions League group selection, and was held in Moscow at stadium «CSKA Arena». Native walls haven’t helped CSKA to resist the attacks of Manchester team, but one ball still hit their net gate. We invite you to watch the video overview of the goals and the match between Manchester United and CSKA Moscow, which took place on September 27th, 2017. That was an interesting match which worth your attention.

Video goals of the match

What’s next?

CSKA have three points in the group and continues to fight for access to the next stage of the competition. Manchester United leads the group with six points. Next match of Manchester United take place at 18th of october. They’ll play soccer against Napoli.

There are also will be the match of the Russian CSKA against the Swiss «Basel» at 18th of October.


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