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Anime is a traditional Japanese style of animation. Romantic feelings between the luxury long-haired characters is a pretty usual thing  — love, affection, passion, kissing. And inexperienced anime lover can’t say immediately, who’s the guy and who’s the girl. Sometimes, because the scene involved two girls or two guys. We offer a large selection of anime GIFs with a kisses : passionate, friendly, air and kissing with tongue ^_^ You’ll find your favorite anime in our collection.

How to download your favorite GIF animation

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    Click on GIF to start it playing.Click on it right mouse knopikoy or hold your finger, if you’re on the internet from a mobile device.Click «Save as …» in the window that appears.You can also copy the link to GIFby selecting «Copy image URL …»

Large collection of Anime GIF animations with kisses

The blond man gently kisses the girl in the romantic atmosphere of falling stars and petals.

The two kiss passionately, so much so that the salivating splashing away!

Couple dressed in warm clothing. A man kissing a girl, and she was surprised at first, but then do not mind!

A girl in tears, and the guy in a shirt with red stripes. And they, of course, kiss, why the girl in shock.

In this GIF animation girl takes the initiative and she kisses the guy. Around, as it should be, flying cherry petals for more romance.

The guy kisses the (most likely) woman, putting his hands on her (him) on the neck.

A loving couple kissing passionately on this anime GIF.

A blonde and a dark-haired girl kissing. It does happen.

Lovely girl calms grumbling Manwith a gentle and passionate kiss, taking his face in her hands.

Girl with plaster on his cheek and a dark-haired guy with the tongue kiss right in the library.

Another «sharp-tongued» kiss.

Kiss anime girl with very long hair and a guy. Kiss is clearly not without language, all as expected.

Well animated kiss on the street under the snow.

Girl hugging a guy and did not expect a kiss.

Gentle kiss anime romantic couple.

Wedding kiss of a smart guy and a girl at the altar. Father shocked!

A kiss in the dark in dark colors. It seems that it is filled with the tragedy of the protagonists of the scene.

GIF with anime kiss where tonques of heroes ​​work to complete.

Man kissing a girl on the bridge with a beautiful view. For her, it was a real surprise!

The girl sends an air kiss in the anime GIF.

This GIF is similar, but with a kiss from another girl with another expression.

Woman holding hands with a guy, and then abruptly kisses him on the lips.

The dark-haired guy kisses the girl on the lips, and she continues to look at him with her huge green eyes.

The inscription on the GIF «Kiss me quick, but make it last. So I can see how badly this will hurt me when you say «Good bye. «

The guy grabs the girl by clothes and kisses her on the lips to a mouthwatering surprise.

The girl is crying, lying on the bed, but the man with the medalion kisses her. It’s not so bad!

Teens kissing in the kitchen: a guy kissing a girl in the shadows.

The inscription on the GIF «It’s a goodnight kiss».

The guy and the girl exchanged kisses on the cheek on the shore of the lake of fire.

Girl kissing a guy on a bright background, but none of them does not think a blind eye.

Girl hugging a guy in a tux and kisses on the cheek, from which both greatly embarrassed

Anime couple was beginning to kiss, but she stepped in with a plaster on his cheek and broke the idyll.

Kawaii two girls kissing in the sunlight.

Tragic Kiss between the demon and a human.

Two girls in school uniform, gently kissing and cuddling palms.

When his parents gave you a flat in the center of Tokyo. Two girls are desperately fighting for the attention of the guy and kiss him right.

The guy kisses the girl, and she sheds tears. Inscription — Where I belong, is with you…

Woman kissing a man with black hair. At the end of the palm of the girl slipped through his hair

The guy dreams, as he kisses the girl of his dreams, but in fact he fixed his lips on the pillow …

Couple kiss on the coast. The guy kisses the girl, and she had tears rolling down from his eyes.

Someone who is pulling his clothes, and then kisses. Everything happens in Japan, according to the sign behind the store.

Kawaii two girls kissing and flying over the frame. I wonder what they’re going to do.

This GIF animation have no kiss there, but a little bit more, and it will be. Girl falls smoothly over the guy lying on the grass. Her hair flowed over his shoulders and fall to the guy’s chest. He is ready for a kiss.

Friendly kiss kawaii blonde.

Two kissing intermittently, giving each other time the anticipation of the start of a new kiss.

Tall guy leans over to kiss a girl. And she closed her eyes in advance.

The guy kisses the girl petrified with astonishment. The inscription on the GIF: «This isn’t a dream, right?»

Woman asked to close their eyes. When she opened them, she saw a cute blond sailor kissing her.


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