Review of YoyoFactory Superstar


Hello! I`ve just bought my first high-end yo-yo (generally the first at all), and decided to write a little about it. This will be a review of YoyoFactory Superstar.


    Weight: 69.1 gr.Width: 40.89 mm.Diameter: 56.39 mm.Gap: 5 mm.Bearing: C-Size (without concave) 250 × 500 × 187Brake system: Silicone stickers, or you can pour silicone.


    Yoyo itself with the hubstacks;Replacement bearing;Two spare silicone brakes;Instructions;Rope.

Choosing the Yoyo

I chose yo-yo for a very long time. Can you belive it — whole 9 hours of uninterrupted sitting behind a computer. I wanted to pick something bright, as large as possible, wider, and affordable. I chose between AeroYo Lighting, 9.8 Liquor and Yoyofactory Superstar.

Other yoyos were also close to winning the tender, but Superstar won thanks to the stylish appearance, steep, heavy rims, and the presence of the hubstacks, which I immediately took off. Just an inner voice told me «yes, yo-yo with this kind of shape will be the nicest thing to twist». In general, the impression was that yoyofactory brand was trusted on the Internet.

Choose a store was much easier. On Ozone it was cheaper, and there was a necessary coloring. They brought everything fast enough — for a couple of days.

Preparing for the game

The first throw is like the first sex: you still need to prepare for it. You lightly lubricate her most important places, put a rope on her, and only then you give it a shot. In fact, the axis creaked when I disassemble yoyo and put on a rope. And I couldn’t tighten it to the end. I had to lubricate everything with bicycle grease, and only then both halves came together easily and tightly.

Play the game

In the game, yoyofactory superstar is really felt very stately and stable after my previous yoyo much smaller. I could easily catch a toy on a rope, even learned a couple of new tricks in 2 days. But there is a downside to these virtues — after doing a dizzy baby trick, I punched myself with a yoyo just under the eye, where a juicy finale immediately turned up. Weight below 70 gr. — not a joke, you can knock somebody down with that.

This yo-yo has a lot of potential. But I managed to hold the slip just for a minute. Then the rope starts to touch the walls, causing the yo-yo to slow down and fall to the side. But this is a matter of player skill. This yo-yo is not for newbies like me. A bearing without a concave doesn’t forgive you.

Nevertheless, after a little training to throw an even slipper, you begin to evaluate the dignity of yo-yo. After all it’s cool to know that you are playing hardcore, without any concaves in the bearing, with full-size-yo-yo. This is not toys anymore. If this is your first yoyo, then you are not looking for easy ways.

YoyoFactory Superstar manages good with the most important thing that a beginner needs. A bright appearance that attracts attention makes you take yo-yo and play, do a show, develop.

Play, develop, do a show.


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